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Friday, November 27, 2015

Natural Looking Pink Lips

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There are many reasons for liking the no-makeup makeup technique.

The effect is a natural looking face, without any flaws and imperfections.
This style is appropriate for an office environment and many other occasions.
You are able to show out your true beauty by enhancing the facial features that you like and to hide any skin imperfections that bother you.
You will look great in pictures.
It saves you time in the morning in front of the mirror.
Let’s see exactly for what I am talking about:

The no-makeup makeup technique requires a lot of nude, pink and creamy colors for your face. Yes, you will apply a foundation or at least a BB cream, but it wouldn’t be noticeable. Yes, you will apply eye shadows on your lids, but hey won’t be in bright colors. Yes, you will shape and fill in your eyebrows, but in a smoother, blurred way. And yes, your lips will look absolutely delicious and kissable. Let’s start with the lips:
If today isn’t the best day for your lips, you have to do something to cheer them up. Sometimes you wake up with really pale lips and the color just don’t come back all day. The trick is to make them look fluffy and juicy by applying a color, which look exactly the same way as your natural colored lip skin. Choose the color of the center of your lips, because the perimeter is most likely to be the palest part of the lips.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bridal Makeup Ideas For The Day

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Undoubtedly one of the most used features is marking some eyes and let the lips have the most natural. We can start by adding very similar shades to the color of our skin such as the vanilla tones and very light brown. Thus we seem to not massaged.

Noticing Where The Outlines Angle and Hit The Lid In Relation To The Pupil. Will try. Once Again.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Your Body Wants You To Read This

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Instagram offers endless sources of fitspiration, but it’s also great for discovering new exercises and healthy-living hacks — if you follow the right people, that is. That’s why we found 14 smart fitness experts who want to be your personal trainer. These pros, who are sought-after by A-listers and athletes for their innovative, effective routines, are uploading their expertise (as well as plenty of inspirational shots) on a daily basis. Bonus: They are sharing the very same moves and tips they give their celebrity clients — but you get them for free. Just open your account and scroll for instant access to seemingly unlimited, effective workouts. Who says you need a gym to get fit?