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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hair Expectations VS Reality

Are you having a bad hair day? Then you must not live inside a shampoo commercial. In that fabled land, your long, flowing locks wave in the breeze like dancing fairies. Each strand keeps perfectly in line and out of your eyes, as Cassandra illustrates in this cartoon. 
Blogger: Neatorama
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This is Extremely But Still Quite Pretty

Possibly you really have a style for fashion yet have no passion in creating your very own clothes. yet you are a highly imaginative individual who truly prefers to follow the fads - exactly what should you do? probably you ought to explore obtaining a fashion merchandising degree at an accredited fine art university or college. 
Blogger: Buneo
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nancy NY Broadway and Prince Sweatershirt

J. Galt USA's long sleeve cropped sweater shirt in washed black with New York location graphic printed in white with textured paint. Soft sweater shirt cotton, relaxed fit, ribbed sleeves and hemline. Raw edge cut hemline.

Blogger: Brandy Melville
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Nifty Trick To Summer Ponytail Perfection

Do you ever have the feeling that your ponytail doesn't look quite as you wanted it to? It's a bit droopy or not as full and usually it drops as the day goes on? Well, for years I've been searching for the perfect ponytail trick and guess what, I finally found it! It involves 2 minutes of your time 2 bobby pins - That is all!

Blogger: Express-o
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